genus Dipodomys

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Noun1.genus Dipodomys - kangaroo ratsgenus Dipodomys - kangaroo rats        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Heteromyidae, Heteromyidae - small New World burrowing mouselike rodents with fur-lined cheek pouches and hind limbs and tail adapted to leaping; adapted to desert conditions: pocket mice; kangaroo mice; kangaroo rats
desert rat, Dipodomys phillipsii, kangaroo rat - any of various leaping rodents of desert regions of North America and Mexico; largest members of the family Heteromyidae
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The adults captured were unusually feisty for the genus Dipodomys and difficult to handle; the adult male escaped before being measured, though it appeared significantly larger than the females.
Species in the genus Dipodomys, nocturnal rodents that scurry through North America's deserts, have epitomized toughness in punishing climates, says Randall Tracy of the University of Connecticut in Storrs.
-- Variation in two external and 17 cranial characters was assessed by examination of coefficients of variation and correlation values for 14 to 19 species of kangaroo rats (genus Dipodomys).