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Noun1.genus Encephalartos - genus of arborescent African cycads; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
family Zamiaceae, zamia family, Zamiaceae - a family of cycads often included in the family Cycadaceae: zamias
encephalartos - any of numerous cycads of the genus Encephalartos having stout cylindrical trunks and a terminal crown of long often spiny pinnate leaves
Encephalartos caffer, kaffir bread - South African cycad; the farinaceous pith of the fruit used as food
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This classification framework divides the genus Encephalartos (with a focus on South African species) into four different life history types (Persister, Persister/ reproducer, Reproducer/persister and Reproducer), each with a distinctive growth fonn and number of cones produced during a single coning event.
This library was assembled from 260 taxa (excluding market samples) representing 48 southern African species of known provenance that were identified by experts on the genus Encephalartos (Williamson et al, 2016).
related to the African genus Encephalartos than to the Australian genus