genus Eucinostomus

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Noun1.genus Eucinostomus - a genus of Gerreidaegenus Eucinostomus - a genus of Gerreidae      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Eucinostomus gula, silver jenny - silvery mojarra found along sandy shores of the western Atlantic
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The canonical correspondence analysis (CCA), reflects the general food trend of the species in the ecosystem, therefore the three representatives of the genus Eucinostomus, had a higher preference for the consumption of tanaidaceous, UOM and detritus, while D.
With the ACC it was possible to validate the grouping among the three species of the genus Eucinostomus (E.
A systematic revision of the gerreid fishes referred to the genus Eucinostomus with a discussion of their distribution and speciation (Ph.D.