genus Fritillaria

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Noun1.genus Fritillaria - fritillarygenus Fritillaria - fritillary        
liliid monocot genus - genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
family Liliaceae, Liliaceae, lily family - includes species sometimes divided among the following families: Alliaceae; Aloeaceae; Alstroemeriaceae; Aphyllanthaceae; Asparagaceae; Asphodelaceae; Colchicaceae; Convallariaceae; Hemerocallidaceae; Hostaceae; Hyacinthaceae; Melanthiaceae; Ruscaceae; Smilacaceae; Tecophilaeacea; Xanthorrhoeaceae
checkered lily, fritillary - any liliaceous plant of the genus Fritillaria having nodding variously colored flowers
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Worldwide the genus Fritillaria comprises 165 taxa (Rix 2001) of which 122 have karyological data (IPCN 2014).
The family Liliaceae was divided into smaller families for a long time, the families of some genera were changed according APG III (Chase and Reveal 2009), but the genus Fritillaria has been conserved in the Liliaceae (Jussieu 1789).
Fritillaria imperialis (Crown imperial or Kaiser's crown) belong to the genus Fritillaria, family Liliacea, is called as Laleh-e-Vajhgoon (reverse tulip) and or gol-e-ashk (tear flower) in Iran.