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Noun1.genus Fusarium - a form genus of mostly plant parasites some of which cause dry rot; in humans a species can cause inflammation of cornea leading to blindness
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Tuberculariaceae, Tuberculariaceae - large family of mainly saprophytic imperfect fungi
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The genus Fusarium encompasses some of the major pathogens of agronomic importance that are responsible for losses that reach billions of dollars [4].
The genus Fusarium, described for the first time in 1809, contains saprophyte telluric species and plant pathogens.
A total of 52 root samples were found infected with fungal pathogens belonging to genus Fusarium, Neocosmospora and Syncephalastrum.
The percentage values of grains contaminated with fungi in coconut coffee samples, soon after ozonation, show that the ozone application is effective in controlling the fungus of the genus Fusarium spp., reducing by about 95% the presence of this species in treatment with 30 min exposure to ozonated water.
fumigatus (5 isolates), whereas the remaining 30 isolates belong to the genus Fusarium, which includes F.