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Noun1.genus Gambusia - mosquitofishgenus Gambusia - mosquitofish        
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Gambusia affinis, mosquitofish - silvery topminnow with rows of black spots of tropical North America and West Indies; important in mosquito control
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The species of genus Gambusia (Family: Poeciliidae), have been used as a model to study basic process (reproduction, grown and recruitment) on rivers (Downhower et al., 2000; Baber & Babbit, 2004; Dadda et al., 2005).
vittatus differ substantially from those observed in other members of the genus Gambusia and, in contrast, resemble those of males of the genera Belonesox and Heterophallus.
The only exception from this general pattern appears to be the Grijalva mosquitofish (Heterophallus milleri Radda, 1987), a close relative to the genus Gambusia (Hrbek et al.
A genetic and ecological survey of the genus Gambusia led to the conclusion that two forms previously identified as subspecies were instead genetically, ecologically, and morphologically well-differentiated species (Wooten et al.
Extensive research on life histories and genetics have been conducted for two Poeciliid species in the genus Gambusia (G.
Fishes of the genus Gambusia are well known for their consumption of insect larvae.