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Noun1.genus Glycine - genus of Asiatic erect or sprawling herbs: soya bean
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
Glycine max, soja, soja bean, soya, soybean plant, soya bean, soybean, soy - erect bushy hairy annual herb having trifoliate leaves and purple to pink flowers; extensively cultivated for food and forage and soil improvement but especially for its nutritious oil-rich seeds; native to Asia
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THERE ARE TWO SPECIES usually recognized within the genus Glycine subgenus Soja, Glycine max and Glycine soja.
Distribution of restriction site polymorphisms within the chloroplast genome of the genus Glycine, subgenus Soja.
Diploid-like meiotic behavior in synthesized amphiploids of the genus Glycine Willd.
List of the species in the genus Glycine Willd., ploidy level, genome symbol, and the number of accessions in each rating category based on percentage of plant survival for plants inoculated with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Sclerotinia stem rot, SSR) and disease severity rating for plants inoculated with Fusarium solani f.