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Noun1.genus Helianthemum - widely distributed evergreen or semi-evergreen shrublets; America; Europe and North Africa to Asia Minor and central Asia
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Cistaceae, family Cistaceae, rockrose family - shrubs or woody herbs of temperate regions especially Mediterranean
helianthemum, sun rose, sunrose - any plant of the genus Helianthemum; vigorous plants of stony alpine meadows and dry scrub regions
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They form mycorrhizae mainly on roots of different species of the genus Helianthemum sp.
Based in the morphological diagnostic features usually considered for taxa delimitation in the genus (embryo type, stamen and style height and shape, life-form, inflorescence type, presence and size of stipules, calyx and leaf shape and indumentum, flower colour) and chromosome number, Lopez-Gonzalez (1992, 1993) considered the genus Helianthemum to be integrated by two taxonomic entities at subgenus rank (without ruling out the existence of two separated genera: Helianthemum and Rhodax, Spach 1836, Markova 1975) and seven Sections: Argyrolepis (n = 5), Lavandulaceum (n = 10), Helianthemum (n = 10), Brachypetalum (n = 10) and Caput-felis (n = 12) in subgen.
In this paper we elaborate the first phylogenetic hypothesis for the genus Helianthemum in the Iberian Peninsula based in a consequential field sampling and on ITS sequence variation of nuclear ribosomal DNA of all high taxonomic entities (i.e.