genus Larus

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Noun1.genus Larus - type genus of the Laridaegenus Larus - type genus of the Laridae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Laridae, Laridae - gull family: gulls and terns
Larus canus, mew gull, sea mew, mew - the common gull of Eurasia and northeastern North America
black-backed gull, great black-backed gull, Larus marinus, cob - white gull having a black back and wings
herring gull, Larus argentatus - large gull of the northern hemisphere
Larus ridibundus, laughing gull, pewit, pewit gull, blackcap - small black-headed European gull
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The genus Rissa typically has expanded and pigmented nodes that are much wider and more flared than those in the genus Larus. On the other hand, Stercorarius typically have very narrow, or much less expanded, pigmented nodes, and these nodes are visible throughout the entire length of the barbule (as opposed to mainly at the proximal portion, as in Larus).
As is the case with many gulls, it has traditionally been placed in the genus Larus but is now placed in the genus Chroicocephalus.
On a total of 6306 individuals observed, gulls (family Laridae, genus Larus) were the most frequently sighted seabirds year-round in Santa Monica Bay (55.63%, n = 3508).