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Noun1.genus Lathyrus - genus of climbing herbs of Old World and temperate North and South America: vetchlinggenus Lathyrus - genus of climbing herbs of Old World and temperate North and South America: vetchling; wild pea
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
vetchling - any of various small plants of the genus Lathyrus; climb usually by means of tendrils
everlasting pea - any of several perennial vines of the genus Lathyrus
broad-leaved everlasting pea, Lathyrus latifolius, perennial pea - perennial climber of central and southern Europe having purple or pink or white flowers; naturalized in North America
beach pea, Lathyrus japonicus, Lathyrus maritimus, sea pea - wild pea of seashores of north temperate zone having tough roots and purple flowers and useful as a sand binder
black pea, Lathyrus niger - perennial of Europe and North Africa; foliage turns black in drying
grass vetch, grass vetchling, Lathyrus nissolia - annual European vetch with red flowers
Lathyrus odoratus, sweet pea, sweetpea - climbing garden plant having fragrant pastel-colored flowers
Lathyrus palustris, marsh pea - scrambling perennial of damp or marshy areas of Eurasia and North America with purplish flowers
common vetchling, Lathyrus pratensis, meadow pea, yellow vetchling - scrambling perennial Eurasian wild pea having yellowish flowers and compressed seed pods; cultivated for forage
grass pea, Indian pea, khesari, Lathyrus sativus - European annual grown for forage; seeds used for food in India and for stock elsewhere
Lathyrus splendens, pride of California - shrubby California perennial having large pink or violet flowers; cultivated as an ornamental
Lathyrus sylvestris, narrow-leaved everlasting pea, flat pea - European perennial with mottled flowers of purple and pink; sometimes cultivated for fodder or as green manure
Lalthyrus tingitanus, Tangier pea, Tangier peavine - North African annual resembling the sweet pea having showy but odorless flowers
earthnut pea, earth-nut pea, heath pea, Lathyrus tuberosus, tuberous vetch - European herb bearing small tubers used for food and in Scotland to flavor whiskey
Lathyrus vernus, spring vetchling, spring vetch - bushy European perennial having nodding racemose violet-blue flowers
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The genus Lathyrus includes 187 annual or perennial species and Turkey is an important center for Lathyrus with 73 taxons, 23 of which are endemic (Basaran and Acar, 2014).
undulatus in the genus Lathyrus. On the other hand, developmental and cytochemical features will be the object of fertilization and embryo growth investigations in Lathyrus thereby in subfamily Papilionoideae.