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Noun1.genus Lecanora - type genus of Lecanoraceae; crustaceous lichens
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Lecanoraceae, Lecanoraceae - a fungus family of the division Lichenes
lecanora - any lichen of the genus Lecanora; some used in dyeing; some used for food
archil, orchil - any of various lecanoras that yield the dye archil
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[43], the family of Lecanoraceae contains between 766 and one thousand of species of which more than 70% in the single genus Lecanora.
This lichen may be confused with the genus Lecanora, which has simple, hyaline spores, while Lecania has 1-septate, brown spores.
For instance, some vagrant lichens (genus Lecanora) are common among the desert hills and valleys of the Middle East.