genus Listeria

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Noun1.genus Listeria - a genus of aerobic motile bacteria of the family Corynebacteriaceae containing small Gram-positive rods
bacteria genus - a genus of bacteria
Corynebacteriaceae, family Corynebacteriaceae - a large family of mostly Gram-positive and aerobic and nonmotile rod-shaped bacteria of the order Eubacteriales
listeria - any species of the genus Listeria
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Currently, the genus Listeria contains eighteen different species [2], of which L.
monocytogenes in particular, and the genus Listeria in general, in food.
The DuPont BAX System Real-Time PCR Assay for Genus Listeria can be utilized as a fast and dependable method to detect Listeria in a range of products and has been ratified on frankfurters, cooked shrimp, spinach, queso fresco cheese and environmental surfaces.
monocytogenes is the only species in the genus Listeria that can infect humans [2].