genus Lophius

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Noun1.genus Lophius - type genus of family Lophiidaegenus Lophius - type genus of family Lophiidae  
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Lophiidae, Lophiidae - large-headed marine fishes comprising the anglers
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Within the microsporidian genus Spraguea, the parasites are confined to neuronal fiber axoplasms in the central nervous system of anglerfish, genus Lophius. The supramedullary neurons are frequently parasitized by Spraguea, and the colonies locate in the proximal regions of fibers adjoining the nerve cell bodies.
lophii parasitizes the central nervous system of different species of angler fish of the genus Lophius, the infections being particularly evident in the cranial ganglia, dorsal root ganglia, and the supramedullary neurons.