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Noun1.genus Lycopus - small genus of herbs of the mint familygenus Lycopus - small genus of herbs of the mint family
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
family Labiatae, family Lamiaceae, Labiatae, Lamiaceae, mint family - a large family of aromatic herbs and shrubs having flowers resembling the lips of a mouth and four-lobed ovaries yielding four one-seeded nutlets and including mint; thyme; sage; rosemary
bugleweed, Lycopus virginicus - a mildly narcotic and astringent aromatic herb having small whitish flowers; eastern United States
Lycopus americanus, water horehound - aromatic perennial herb of United States
gipsywort, gypsywort, Lycopus europaeus - hairy Eurasian herb with two-lipped white flowers
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