genus Macaca

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Noun1.genus Macaca - macaquesgenus Macaca - macaques; rhesus monkeys    
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cercopithecidae, family Cercopithecidae - Old World monkeys: guenon; baboon; colobus monkey; langur; macaque; mandrill; mangabey; patas; proboscis monkey
macaque - short-tailed monkey of rocky regions of Asia and Africa
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It is considered one of the least known among the 19 extant species of the genus Macaca. Although studies of reproductive hormones and the ovarian cycle have been extensively conducted on other macaques, there is little information of Formosan macaques.
The influence of phylogeny on the social behaviour of macaques (Primates: Cercophitecidae, genus Macaca).
Remarks: The genus Macaca is first recorded in Europe in the latest Miocene locality of Almenara-Casablanca M (Kohler et al., 2000), after which it is known across the continent throughout the Pliocene and Pleistocene.