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Noun1.genus Macropus - type genus of the family Macropodidae: typical kangaroos and wallabiesgenus Macropus - type genus of the family Macropodidae: typical kangaroos and wallabies
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Macropodidae, Macropodidae - kangaroos; wallabies
giant kangaroo, great grey kangaroo, Macropus giganteus - very large greyish-brown Australian kangaroo formerly abundant in open wooded areas
common wallaby, Macropus agiles - a small wallaby having a height of 30 inches
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In list a, animals inherently dangerous for which liability insurance is required, this entry is encountered: "Order Marsupialia: Family Macropodidae: Genus Macropus (Kangaroos)--All species." Thus, any animal species contained within the genus Macropus is presumed dangerous as a matter of law, since the statute's wording clearly embraces all members of this taxon.
Suppose the legal perspective now does the same as the Gallick court and consults Walker's Mammals of the World for information on wallabies, kangaroos, and genus Macropus. In the sixth and most recent edition of this reference work the genus Macropus appears with a list of its members.
Thus, the zoological perspective encounters the same text as its legal counterpart, a designation of the genus Macropus that includes a number of wallabies, including three species, the Parma (Macropus parma), the red-necked, (M.