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Noun1.genus Menippe - stone crabsgenus Menippe - stone crabs        
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Brachyura, suborder Brachyura - an order of crustaceans (including true crabs) having a reduced abdomen folded against the ventral surface
Menippe mercenaria, stone crab - large edible crab of the southern coast of the United States (particularly Florida)
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Using data from more than 22 y of sampling commercially valuable stone crabs (genus Menippe (Say, 1819)) in Tampa Bay, FL, we defined size-specific interannual and intra-annual patterns in ovarian development and spawning; explored relationships between the molting cycle and intra-annual patterns; and identified the influence of water temperature on those interrelationships.
In this study, interannual and intra-annual patterns in ovarian development and spawning of stone crabs (genus Menippe) from the Tampa Bay, FL, area (Fig.
Claw regeneration among North Florida stone crabs (genus Menippe) and its implications to the Southwest Florida fishery.
Hybridization in western Atlantic stone crabs (genus Menippe): evolutionary history and ecological context influence species interactions.
An analysis of stone crab (genus Menippe) claws and their use in interpreting landings on Florida's west coast.
Additional evidence in support of the specificity of PAGE banding of Hc monomers has been obtained for sibling species of the lobster genus Homarus and their hybrids (Mangum, 1993b) and for several other sibling species, including stone crabs of the genus Menippe investigated here (C.
The influences of nine factors (five intrinsic, four extrinsic) on the reproductive attributes egg diameter, egg dry weight, and clutch size (i.e., number of eggs in egg mass) of female stone crabs (genus Menippe (Say)) from Tampa Bay, FL, waters were investigated.
Geographic variation, population biology, and hybridization in Menippe mercenaria and evolution of the genus Menippe in the southwestern North Atlantic Ocean.