genus Mucor

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Noun1.genus Mucor - type genus of the Mucoraceae; genus of molds having cylindrical or pear-shaped sporangia not limited in location to points where rhizoids develop
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Mucoraceae, Mucoraceae - large family of chiefly saprophytic fungi that includes many common molds destructive to food products
mucor - any mold of the genus Mucor
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Also 51.81% of isolates in public parks soil samples was related to the genus Rhizopus which followed by Rhizomucor with frequency rate of 28.31%, while in municipality districts soil samples, the genus Mucor with frequency rate of 45.30% was the most frequent isolate and followed by Rhizomucor (26.92%) (Table 2 and 3).
Colonization of the vagina by fungi of genus Mucor. Clin Microbiol Newsl.