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Noun1.genus Mus - type genus of the Muridae: common house micegenus Mus - type genus of the Muridae: common house mice; the tips of the upper incisors have a square notch
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Muridae, Muridae - originally Old World rats now distributed worldwide; distinguished from the Cricetidae by typically lacking cheek pouches
house mouse, Mus musculus - brownish-grey Old World mouse now a common household pest worldwide
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The house mouse (Mus musculus, Linnaeus, 1758) and mound-building mouse (Mus spicilegus, Petenyi, 1882) are two sibling species of the genus Mus distributed in Slovakia (Kristofik & Danko 2003a, b, Kristofik 2012, Kristofik & Stollmann 2012).
Tests for positive selection on immune and reproductive genes in closely related species of the murine genus Mus. J.
Genetically determined resistance to flavivirus infection in wild Mus musculus domesticus and other taxonomic groups in the genus Mus. Arch Virol.