genus Nothosaurus

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Noun1.genus Nothosaurus - a genus of Nothosauria
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
Nothosauria, suborder Nothosauria - a suborder of Sauropterygia
nothosaur - extinct marine reptile with longer more slender limbs than plesiosaurs and less completely modified for swimming
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The non-pachyostotic centra and neural arches in UPUAM 14072 are shared with the genus Nothosaurus within the clade Nothosauria, as well as the presence of platycoelous centra (Bickelmann and Sander, 2008).
The height of the neural spines is a character that experiences interspecific variability within the genus Nothosaurus. In this sense, low neural spines are considered as a plesiomorphic character for this genus, whereas species with high neural spines are considered as more derived for this character (Rieppel and Wild, 1996).
Remains attributed to the genus Nothosaurus have been recovered from several localities of Spain, including the Muschelkalk of Royuela, Teruel (Kuhn-Schnyder, 1966); Siles, Jaen (Niemeyer, 2002); and Puente Genave-Villarodrigo, Jaen (Reolid et al., 2013).