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Noun1.genus Ostrea - type genus of the family Ostreidaegenus Ostrea - type genus of the family Ostreidae  
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
blue point, bluepoint - small edible oyster typically from the southern shore of Long Island
Japanese oyster, Ostrea gigas - a large oyster native to Japan and introduced along the Pacific coast of the United States; a candidate for introduction in Chesapeake Bay
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Oyster classification began when Linnaeus described seven oyster species including three under the genus Ostrea (Linnaeus 1758).
All species of the genus Ostrea brood their embryos in the infrabranchial chamber (Millar and Hollis, 1963; Galtsoff, 1964; Chanley and Dinamani, 1980; Harry, 1985; Cranfield and Michael, 1989).
When Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus described oysters in 1758, he placed them in the genus Ostrea, meaning "the rough ones." Although most people think the oyster's outer shell invariably has a bland, grayish color, some shells are reddish brown and others are green; many are mottled.
(Chanley & Dinamani 1980), illustrate that the morphological differences between early ontogenetic stages of species within the genus Crassostrea and those within the genus Ostrea are quite striking.
megodon belongs to the genus Ostrea and should retake its original name Ostrea megodon (Hanley, 1946).
ostreae as all species within the genus Ostrea. Bonamiosis has been reported in Ostrea chilensis from New Zealand (Dinamani et al.
The sperm balls are characteristic of the genus Ostrea, as Crassostrea oysters do not develop this ultrastructure.
Our cytogenetic data lend support to a recent proposal to reorganize the subfamily Ostreinae, specifically in what concerns the genus Ostrea and the genus Ostreola.
For the Ostrea lurida assay, bivalves outside the genus Ostrea were highly divergent from O.lurida at COI; therefore an alignment was performed among all COI sequences of the Ostrea genus available on Genbank.