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Noun1.genus Pinus - type genus of the Pinaceae: large genus of true pinesgenus Pinus - type genus of the Pinaceae: large genus of true pines
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
family Pinaceae, Pinaceae, pine family - a family of Pinaceae
pine, pine tree, true pine - a coniferous tree
pinon, pinyon - any of several low-growing pines of western North America
Mexican nut pine, pinon pine, Pinus cembroides - a small two-needled or three-needled pinon of Mexico and southern Texas
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Preference and performance of the sawfly Diprion pini on host and non-host plants of the genus Pinus. Ent.
Due to the depletion of the reserves of this native tree, forest planting on the grassland areas expanded rapidly since the 1980s, especially with species of the genus Pinus, increasing the share of the state of Santa Catarina to approximately 34% of the Brazilian pine production, with forests covering an area of around 540 thousand hectares (INDUSTRIA BRASILEIRA DE ARVORES, 2016).
Turpentine is a volatile oil that is extracted from the pine resins which is obtained from the trees of the genus Pinus. Turpentine is composed of terpenes which mainly consist of the monoterpenes such as alpha-pinene and beta-pinene with small quantities of careen, dipentene, camphene and terpinolene.
They belong to the genus Pinus, family Pinaceae and phylum Coniferophyta.
This included the British Publication, Description of the Genus Pinus by Aylmer Bourke Lambert (1761-1842) with David Don (1799-1841) and an account of the Lambertian Herbarium by Lambert in 1824 (Don worked for Lambert as a botanist).
A description of the genus Pinus, illustrated with figures, directions relative to cultivation, and remarks on the uses of several species.