genus Pythium

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Noun1.genus Pythium - destructive root-parasitic fungi
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Pythiaceae, Pythiaceae - fungi having sporangia usually borne successively and singly at the tips of branching sporangiophores
pythium - any fungus of the genus Pythium
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Pythium insidiosum belongs to the Kingdom Stramenopila, Phylum Oomycota, Family Pythiaceae, Genus Pythium. There are at least 120 Pythium species reported (MENDONZA & NEWTON, 2005).
Among the soil-borne diseases, damping off caused by the genus Pythium is a common problem in fields and greenhouse grown crops which kills the seedlings.
Fugi-like or algae-like waterborne Oomycota lineage comprises at least 160 recognized species of the dominant genus Pythium, colonizing marine and freshwater biotopes [7].
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