genus Rickettsia

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Noun1.genus Rickettsia - can cause typhus and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans
bacteria genus - a genus of bacteria
family Rickettsiaceae, Rickettsiaceae - microorganism resembling bacteria inhabiting arthropod tissues but capable of causing disease in vertebrates
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We individually processed all tick samples (pools) using routine PCR assay with primers CS 78F and CS 323R, designed to amplify a 401-bp conserved fragment of the enzyme citrate synthase (gltA) of Rickettsia, which allows identification of the genus Rickettsia (Roux, Rydkina, Eremeeva, & Raoult, 1997; Labruna, et al.
The sequenced products had a similarity of 99% to Oceanrickettsia ariakensis (accession number DQ123914), 98% for unidentified bacteria, 94% for uncultured rickettsia, and 89% for the genus Rickettsia according to Blast results.
Maximum-likelihood phylogenetic tree generated by using the general time-reversible model using discrete gamma distribution for a total of 2,308 bp of the gltA, htrA, ompB, and ompA genes concatenated from a few members of the genus Rickettsia. Diamond indicates isolate obtained from ticks in Mexico.
Spotted fever group rickettsiosis is a tickborne or flea-borne infectious disease caused by groups of bacteria in the genus Rickettsia, such as R.
The bacteria responsible for scrub typhus is Orientia tsutsugamushi, which is no longer included in the genus Rickettsia, but Dr.
These findings reiterate that birds are important hosts for the immature stages of this species and have high potential for dispersing ticks and the pathogens that they transmit, such as bacteria of the genus Rickettsia.
These diseases--including scrub typhus and spotted fever--take their name from the bacterial genus Rickettsia, one of the implicated pathogens.
Phylogenetic analysis of members of the genus Rickettsia using the gene encoding the outer-membrane protein rOmpB (ompB).
The genus Rickettsia is classically separated into the typhus group (TG) and the spotted fever group (SFG) based on the presence of distinct group lipopolysaccharide (LPS) antigens.
Rickettsiosis of the genus Rickettsia in South America.