genus Sarda

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Noun1.genus Sarda - bonitosgenus Sarda - bonitos        
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Scombridae, Scombridae - marine food fishes: mackerels; chub mackerels; tuna
bonito - any of various scombroid fishes intermediate in size and characteristics between mackerels and tunas
Atlantic bonito, Sarda sarda, skipjack - medium-sized tuna-like food fish of warm Atlantic and Pacific waters; less valued than tuna
Chile bonito, Chilean bonito, Pacific bonito, Sarda chiliensis - common bonito of Pacific coast of the Americas; its dark oily flesh cans well
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This tribe contains four closely related species of striped bonitos (genus Sarda), and three other species--the 'plain' bonito of the Mediterranean, Watson's leaping bonito, and the Dogtooth tuna.