genus Sargassum

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Noun1.genus Sargassum - a genus of protoctist
protoctist genus - any genus of Protoctista
family Fucaceae, Fucaceae - small family of brown algae: gulfweeds; rockweeds
gulfweed, sargasso, sargassum, Sargassum bacciferum - brown algae with rounded bladders forming dense floating masses in tropical Atlantic waters as in the Sargasso Sea
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It is named after seaweed of the genus Sargassum, which floats abundantly on its surface.
Agardh (1889), following the basis of his 1848's classification, published the most complete classification and divided the genus Sargassum into five subgenera, themselves divided into several series, each sub-divided into 'tribus':
Future studies should examine whether this behavior varies across species that inhabit algal hosts with different growth patterns--for example, those with apical meristems such as species from the genus Sargassum.