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Noun1.genus Sequoia - redwoods; until recently considered a genus of a separate family Taxodiaceae
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
Cupressaceae, cypress family, family Cupressaceae - cypresses and junipers and many cedars
California redwood, coast redwood, Sequoia sempervirens - lofty evergreen of United States coastal foothills from Oregon to Big Sur; it flourishes in wet, rainy, foggy habitats
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The genus Sequoia owes its taxonomic identity to Austrian botanist Stephen L.
He also edited a book of George Engelmann's work where Engelmann and Gray reiterated the origin of the genus Sequoia for the man, Sequoyah:
Once he realized the previously assigned Taxodinm required a change in genus, this evidence supports that he honored the recently deceased Sequoyah, by assigning the genus Sequoia to the Coast Redwood.