genus Spirogyra

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Noun1.genus Spirogyra - a genus of protoctist
protoctist genus - any genus of Protoctista
family Zygnemataceae, Zygnemataceae - pond scums: common freshwater algae forming green slimy masses
spirogyra - freshwater algae consisting of minute filaments containing spiral chlorophyll bands
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In an advisory, the city health office said the algae in the lake were filamentous freshwater green algae, also known as pond scum of the genus Spirogyra. These are not the harmful blue-green algae, which produce cyanotoxins (toxins from photosynthetic bacteria) that can make humans and animals sick.
The isolates were identified as fresh water green algae belonging to genus Spirogyra sp.
Family Zygnemataceae was represented by a single genus Spirogyra sp.