genus Syngnathus

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Noun1.genus Syngnathus - type genus of the family Syngnathidaegenus Syngnathus - type genus of the family Syngnathidae
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
dwarf pipefish, Syngnathus hildebrandi - small (4 inches) fish found off the Florida Gulf Coast
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Early accounts of short-snouted pipefishes (snout length-to-head length ratios of 0.400 to 0.588) of the genus Syngnathus from the western Gulf of Mexico originally included only S.
The evolutionary process of reduction and fusion of preural vertebrae is common to both species and presumably to the genus Syngnathus, but different residual elements are left.
typhle (the only member of the genus Syngnathus studied in this regard), females appear to move randomly through the seagrass habitat during the mating season (Vincent et al.