genus Thiobacillus

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Noun1.genus Thiobacillus - a genus of bacteria
bacteria genus - a genus of bacteria
family Thiobacteriaceae, Thiobacteriaceae - free-living coccoid to rod-shaped bacteria that derive energy from oxidizing sulfur or sulfur compounds
thiobacillus - small rod-shaped bacteria living in sewage or soil and oxidizing sulfur
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The selected SOB were characterized for different morphological physiological and biochemical properties and were identified as the genus Thiobacillus. Copyright 2014 Friends Science Publishers
The genus Thiobacillus among SOB is very important in biological S oxidation in soil (Yang et al.2010).
These characters showed that all these seven SOB isolates belonged to the genus Thiobacillus (Kelly and Wood 2000; Vidyalakshmi and Sridar 2007; Babana et al.