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Noun1.genus Vibrio - a genus of bacteria
bacteria genus - a genus of bacteria
family Spirillaceae, Spirillaceae - rigid spirally curved elongate bacteria
vibrio, vibrion - curved rodlike motile bacterium
comma bacillus, Vibrio comma - comma-shaped bacteria that cause Asiatic cholera
Vibrio fetus - bacteria that cause abortion in sheep
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Members of the genus Pseudomonas have been occasionally described as pathogens for bivalve larvae, (Brown, 1973, 1981; Lodeiros et al., 1992; Romalde et al., 2014), but were generally co-isolated with representatives of the genus Vibrio that have been frequently incriminated to cause important losses in hatcheries and in native populations (Travers et al., 2015; Petton et al., 2015; Dubert et al., 2017).
However, their microbiota is closely linked to the microbiota of the water where they live which makes fish susceptible to contamination by several microorganisms (JAY, 2005) including some species of the genus Vibrio.
Similarly, in this study, it was determined that the members of the genus Vibrio are the main pathogens of this fish species and some other bacteria are involved in cases of mixed infections.
Its surface was dominated by members of the genus Vibrio, which includes the bacteria that cause cholera and other gastrointestinal ailments.
One plastic sample they analyzed was dominated by members of the genus Vibrio, which includes bacteria that cause cholera and gastrointestinal maladies.
Identification of Bacteria of the Genus Vibrio Associated to Zones of Bivalve Mollusks Extraction, Sucre State, Venezuela
(2,3) Being an aquatic bacteria, species of the genus Vibrio infect not only humans but also all aquatic animals, resulting in problems in shrimp and shellfish farming.
Although these organisms and those that cause cholera are grouped together under the genus Vibrio, they cause distinctly different illnesses.
To the Editor: Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a halophilic member of the genus Vibrio that inhabits temperate and tropical marine environments worldwide.
Finally, one isolate was identified as a member of the genus Vibrio, with 96% identity to Vibrio anguillarum.