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ge′o·bo·tan′ic (-bə-tăn′ĭk), ge′o·bo·tan′i·cal adj.
ge′o·bo·tan′ic·al·ly adv.
ge′o·bot′a·nist (-bŏt′n-ĭst) n.


(ˌdʒiːəʊbəˈtænɪkəl) or


(Botany) of or relating to geobotany
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We would like to thank the Bialowieza Geobotanical Station of Warsaw University for logistical support.
His geobotanical research was also very successful.
Its vegetation belongs to hemiboreal Baltic sub region of boreal European geobotanical region and this small territory can be divided into 12 plant-geographical regions (Lippmaa 1935).
I did my master's thesis in the Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve, Ecuador's smallest protected area, just outside of Quito.
Previously published as Remote Sensing for Geologists: A Guide to Image Interpretation, the third edition adds chapters on alterations due to mineral deposits and hydrocarbon accumulations, modern analogs, geobotanical remote sensing, and mapping terrestrial planets and moons.
Riding across the equator and past the Pululahua Crater Geobotanical Reserve, riders will weave down through cloud forest on roads filled with spectacular curves and breathtaking vistas.
Geobotanical surveys and plant screenings are necessary for the identification of newer hypermetal-accumulator species (Diez et al.
Here the authors divide the material into geobotanical groups, using terms such as "element irano-touranienne.
He's the director of the Bialowieza Geobotanical Station, a research program of the University of Warsaw.