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 (jē′ə-dĕs′ĭk, -dē′sĭk)
a. Of or relating to the geometry of geodesics.
b. Of or relating to geodesy.
2. Having a structure consisting of lightweight rods or poles joined so as to form interlocking polygons whose vertices lie on an imaginary sphere: a geodesic dome.
The shortest path between two points on any mathematically defined surface.

[From geodesy.]


(ˌdʒiːəʊˈdɛsɪk; -ˈdiː-)
(Mathematics) Also: geodetic, geodetical or geodesical relating to or involving the geometry of curved surfaces
(Mathematics) Also called: geodesic line the shortest line between two points on a curved or plane surface


(ˌdʒi əˈdɛs ɪk, -ˈdi sɪk)

adj. Also, ge`o•des′i•cal.
1. pertaining to the geometry of curved surfaces, in which geodesic lines take the place of the straight lines of plane geometry.
2. pertaining to geodesy; geodetic.
[1815–25; < French géodésique]
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Noun1.geodesic - (mathematics) the shortest line between two points on a mathematically defined surface (as a straight line on a plane or an arc of a great circle on a sphere)
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
line - a length (straight or curved) without breadth or thickness; the trace of a moving point
Adj.1.geodesic - of or relating to or determined by geodesy


[ˌdʒɪ(ː)əʊˈdesɪk] ADJgeodésico


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The integral geodesic distances are first calculated for each vertex on a mesh to construct the topological structure.
Contract notice: Framework agreements for survey of infrastructure objects energy infrastructure, electric lines, (underground and overhead power lines with voltage level 110 kV, 35 kV, 20 kV and 10 kV) and preparation of geodesic elaborates for determining facts of the case of illegal overhead/underground linear infrastructure facility.
Tokyo and Silicon Valley, May 17, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - Geodesic Capital, an independent growth stage venture capital firm investing in U.
In this paper we study volumes of trajectoryballs which correspond to geodesic balls.
We are particularly interested in using the geodesic [8, 10-12] for planning and replanning a path for mobile robot navigation on 3D terrain.
Each of the ply cords follows a geodesic path from a first sidewall portion across a crown portion to a second sidewall portion.
On the other hand geodesic laminations on the disc have been used in different areas of mathematics: complex dynamics [10, 16], surface automorphism dynamics [6], hyperbolic geometry [5] and symbolic dynamics [12, 13].
A submanifold of a contact manifold is said to be totally geo- desic if every geodesic in that submanifold is also geodesic in the ambient manifold.
com SPEND Force Ten Vortex 200 Strength against the worst weather requires good design and a geodesic shape is one of the best.
Panyanakb: A concept of convergence in geodesic spaces, Nonlinear Anal.
Divided Spheres: Geodesics & the Orderly Subdivision of the Sphere holds full color throughout and provides a detailed introduction to the math of Buckminster Fuller's invention of the geodesic dome.
Starting this month, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre negotiated by Premier for EGI's clinical Geodesic EEG Systems, Geodesic Sensor Nets and accessories.