geodesic dome

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geodesic dome

(Architecture) a light structural framework arranged as a set of polygons in the form of a shell and covered with sheeting made of plastic, plywood, metal, etc; developed by Buckminster Fuller

ge′odes′ic dome′

a light domelike structure developed by R. Buckminster Fuller, consisting of a framework of straight members, usu. in tension, typically having the form of a projection upon a sphere of a grid of triangular or polygonal faces.

ge·o·des·ic dome

(jē′ə-dĕs′ĭk, jē′ə-dē′sĭk)
A structure having the shape of a dome or partial sphere but made of flat triangular pieces that fit rigidly together.
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Noun1.geodesic dome - a lightweight dome constructed of interlocking polygons; invented by R. Buckminster Fuller
dome - a hemispherical roof

geodesic dome

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Tenders are invited for the work consist of approx 750,000 gallon glass fused bolted steel municipal water storage tank with aluminum geodesic dome roof, site work, concrete foundation/base slab, piping and appurtenant site work.
They consist of an indoor rain forest and an indoor desert under a geodesic dome at the Henry Doorly Zoo; an indoor tropical rain forest, mangrove wetlands, a fog desert, a savannah grassland, and an ocean and coral reef at Biosphere 2; and indoor rain forest at the Eden Project.
It's just for fun, pretty cool," says Boden, of artists Alex Hartley and Tom James' geodesic dome, which is part of The Clearing.
One legacy of the highly-evolved design elements was Expo's built legacy including Moshe Safdie's Habitat 67, the residential 'boxes on the hillside', and America's avant-garde geodesic dome by Buckminster Fuller.
This dream city is revealed through drawings, renderings and models, and includes such imaginative follies as Buckminster Fuller's vision for Brooklyn's Dodger Stadium under a massive geodesic dome to Frank Lloyd Wright's city-making master plan for Ellis Island.
Every light source in the scene is positioned on a geodesic dome and a shadow surface by 3D AR marker is partitioned into clusters like Ref.
provided by the woman from the geodesic dome, Alda Stitch,
The bottle features a rendering of the World's Fair's geodesic dome etched in gold leaf.
Box' by Princess Pea, on the other hand, is a huge geodesic dome inside Hall- 2 where the visitor can write his/ her desires on a form and hand it over to Princess Pea, inside the dome.
I have a geodesic dome green-house on an all-solar farm.
If you can work with 1-inch PVC pipe and close a zip tie, you can build a portable geodesic dome chicken coop or greenhouse.
As part of EXPO 1: New York, MoMA PS1, in partnership with Volkswagen, has constructed a temporary geodesic dome that serves as a center for culture, education, and community in the Rockaways.