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The geologic science of the size and shape of the earth.

[New Latin geōdaesia, from Greek geōdaisiā : geō-, geo- + daiesthai, to divide; see dā- in Indo-European roots.]

ge·od′e·sist n.
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The group includes geodesist Oleg Vasilev, logistics team Dragomir Mateev, Pavel Grigorov, Tsvetan Parov, geologist Dr.
However, the beginning of disarticulation of the planned urban area may be observed from the expansion of the idealized city planned by the geodesist Alexandre Razgulaeff responsible for the Londrina project.
* McIntyre Award to Dr Ian Glass for his publication, Nicolas-Louis de la Caille--Astronomer and Geodesist;
From Peirce (whose son, the mathematician, geodesist, and philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, is incorrectly portrayed in the images that appear between pages 140 and 141 of the book), the narrative moves to the turn of the twentieth century when William Fogg Osgood (1864-1943) and Maxime Bocher (1867-1918) brought their German training and research ideals back to a Harvard by then under the leadership of Charles Eliot.
Affiliations and functions: senior geodesist at Vilnius University 1998-2000, lecturer at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences 2005-2006, lecturer at Vilnius University 20082010, senior specialist at Vilnius University since 2010.
1713 Alexis Claude Clairaut born; a French mathematician, geodesist and astronomer; studied the motion of the Moon; calculated an ephemeris for Halley's comet before its return in 1759.
She has a Geodesist engineer (VTU), 1992 and Masters of Civil engineer (VGTU), 1998.
"It was thought that the sinking had pretty much been stabilized, but now we know it will continue into the future indefinitely," says Yehuda Bock, a geodesist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif.
It's a small effect, but it's important," said Yehuda Bock, research geodesist with Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.
A PhD thesis by Liu (geodesist, Fugro Intersite BV) this volume contains extensive mathematics, graphs, and color maps produced by the Delft Institute of Earth Observation and Space Systems (DEOS).
Until January 1940, he laboured on public works, and then, for health reasons, he was sent to the Dudinsky Permafrost Station, as a geodesist. In the spring of 1940 he made topographical readings of Dudinka and its vicinities, for what Kozyrev was permitted free activity, for to escape there was no possibility: the surrounds were only tundra.