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 (jē′ə-dĕt′ĭk) also ge·o·det·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)

ge′o·det′i·cal·ly adv.
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All treatments were geodetically demarcated using a GPS device (GPS Map Garmin) on 1/18/2015 for the 2014/2015 crop and the same coordinates were used for the 2015/2016 growing season.
R > 2m is a geodetically complete manifold in that each geodesic may be continued to a singularity or to a boundary.
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Traditionally, points on the ground surface are fixed with monuments or benchmarks, and the coordinates of these benchmarks are measured geodetically. In addition, modern applications in remote sensing such as synthetic aperture radars (Assilzadeh et al., 2010; Delbridge et al., 2016) may be used.
Geodetically Constrained Indian Plate motion and implications for plate boundary deformation.
(2008) Bridging the gap between seismically and geodetically detected slow earthquakes.
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Stephen's cathedral tower coordinates were derived from recent military triangulation geodetically. These coordinates of system origin were determined trigonometrically from the triangle of first order of the military step triangulation Hermanskogel-Hundsheimer-Anninger (Fig.
Additionally, bathymetric (depth) data is needed, as are geodetically robust (that is, accurate) distance measurements from the coastal state's coastal baselines.
(171.) But see Martin Pratt, The Role of the Technical Expert in Maritime Delimitation Cases, in MARITIME DELIMITATION 79, 80 (Rainer Lagoni & Daniel Vignes eds., 2006) ("[S]tates are becoming increasingly aware of the need for geodetically precise boundaries....