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A very large, edible clam (Panope abrupta) of the Pacific coast of northwest North America.

[From Puget Salish gwídəq.]


(Animals) Canadian a large edible clam
[from Chinook jargon]


(ˈgu iˌdʌk)

a large edible clam, Panope generosa, of the NW coast of North America.
[1880–85; < Puget Salish gwídəq]
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Noun1.geoduck - a large edible clam found burrowing deeply in sandy mud along the Pacific coast of North Americageoduck - a large edible clam found burrowing deeply in sandy mud along the Pacific coast of North America; weighs up to six pounds; has siphons that can extend to several feet and cannot be withdrawn into the shell
clam - burrowing marine mollusk living on sand or mud; the shell closes with viselike firmness
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On one of her food tours, which I was lucky to join, we went to a night market where we bought huge live lobsters, live scallops, prawns, fish, geoduck (clam), oysters and crabs.
The Pacific geoduck Panopea generosa is an ideal study species to investigate geographic variation in life history and morphology because of its large geographic range.
phenylpyruvicus bacteremia after consuming a raw geoduck clam that was possibly imported from the Pacific Northwest (5).
The preceding has been detected in organisms which growth ratio is slow and have high longevity such as geoduck clam Panopea zelandica (Gribben et al., 2004).
They they include alligator, blood, boiled peanuts, bone marrow, buffalo, cactus, cannabis, cheese curds, Cincinnati chili, emu, fried green tomatoes, Frito pie, funnel cake, geoduck, grits, insects, pig's ears, poi, roadkill, Spam, and turducken, among others.
We'd head out in the morning to the Chinese market in search of the freshest sea creatures available, some of them still wiggling around--lobster, Dungeness crab, and fish straight from the tanks, plus scallops, Manila and geoduck clams, abalone, and head-on shrimp.
The college mascot is the non-threatening geoduck clam, while its motto is "Omnia extares"--"Let it all hang out."
Also, in 2012, China government spent approximately USD 60 billion on banquets which includes exotic seafood products such as shark fin soup, swim bladder, sea cucumber, and geoduck.
David: I will bet you a lobster against a geoduck, the Pats win!!!
But it's still TV, so while the "Hell's Kitchen" challenges can be theatrical, such as having the chefs dig through sand sculptures to find geoduck clams that look like large pink slugs, they are designed and programmed as teachable moments.