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 (jē′ō-ĕk′ə-nŏm′ĭks, -ē′kə-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. The study of the relationship between politics and economics, especially on an international scale.
2. A combination of international economic and political factors relating to or influencing a nation or region.

ge′o·ec′o·nom′ic adj.
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In the vicinity Far more than East, South-East Asia, or West Asia, it is India's immediate neighbourhood that directly impacts it geopolitically, geo-strategically and geoeconomically.
Geoeconomically, Ghana is an English-speaking country with an area of 238,535 square kilometers that is bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean.
The scholar Edward Luttwak has aptly noted that the propensity of states to act geoeconomically will vary greatly, even more than their propensity to act geopolitically.
What's important is that Cyprus is already on the energy map -- geostrategically, geoeconomically and geopolitically," he said.
The very epilogue of the WWII meant a full security guaranty for the US: Geoeconomically --54% of anything manufactured in the world was carrying the Made in USA label, and geostrategically--the US had uninterruptedly enjoyed nearly a decade of the "nuclear monopoly.