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1. Engineering that involves large-scale manipulation of the earth's environment, especially as applied to climate change caused by global warming, as in sequestering carbon or increasing the amount of solar radiation reflected from the earth back into space.
2. Engineering applied to geologic structures, as in building tunnels.

ge′o·en′gi·neer′ n. & v.


(Environmental Science) the application of scientific processes to affect the global environment, esp in order to counter the effects of climate change
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Geoengineering is a combined term for climate-altering technologies.
If geoengineering ever stopped abruptly, it would be devastating.
During the last three years, China has assembled one of the largest federally funded geoengineering research programs in the world, marking another area where it's forging ahead of other nations on climate matters.
Summary: By pushing unproven technologies as a cure for all climate-change ills, proponents are suggesting the world faces an unavoidable choice: geoengineering or disaster
Offsetting the effect of greenhouse gas emissions is a complicated science called geoengineering.
Keith, "Toward a Responsible Solar Geoengineering Research Program," and Jane C.
Aided by a balloon, next year they will sprinkle small quantities of tiny molecules into the stratosphere over Arizona in order to test humanity's last resort in a rapidly warming world--solar geoengineering.
And they fear that geoengineering could get out of control and have unintended consequences.
So society should pursue geoengineering as a supplementary way to crank down Earth's thermostat.
That industrial civilizations have altered the Earth and its atmosphere for the worse is beyond doubt, but geoengineering offers possible solutions, using human engineering to improve the climate.
Taking direction from Clark's (2013, Geoengineering and geologic politics.
Geoengineering the deliberate use of technology to manipulate the environment could be the last resort in fighting climate change