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1. geographer.
2. geographic; geographical.
3. geography.
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La primera mansio itineraria recogida por la Tabla III al sur del Dueto es Sabariam, que se suele aceptar como una variante paleografica de Sibaris (Ptolomeo, Geog.
Today, the University of Washington offers sophomore-level and junior-level GE-level GIS courses; GEOG 258: Maps and GIS, which satisfies the Individual and Society requirement for graduation, and GEOG 360: Principle of GIS Mapping, which satisfies the Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning requirement for graduation, as well as the Individual and Society requirement for graduation.
Following the GEOG 900 workshop, the project's second phase emerged from partnering with The Young Scientists Academy (YSA) of the UND School of Engineering and Mines, on August 1, 2007.
In addition, each district also is broken into smaller areas known as geog (village), led by a locally elected leader called a gup.
Geog Professor of Religious Studies at LeMoyne College, may have written the kind of revelatory monograph that comes along once in a generation.
The possibility of creating a middle space between a traditional and an online course drew us to the creation of a weblog for GEOG 207W at Western Oregon University.
Furthermore, the negative correlation between INSCHO, INS, and GEOG implies that Chinese listed companies incorporated in coastal areas appear to be less likely to use property insurance than their counterparts in inland areas.
Thus a positive (negative) sign indicates a superior GEOG (CONS) forcast.
GEOG = natural logarithm of the number of states licensed to do business;
Paton is wise enough to recognise that with players like Richard Gough, Brian Laudrup, Geog Albertz, Joachim Bjorkland and of course Gazza, on the field Rangers aren't exactly sitting ducks.