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A large design or drawing created on the surface of the earth, as by positioning stones or removing earth or surface rock to create lines or spaces that contrast with the surrounding terrain.
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The frequency of geoglyph earthworks in the Purus watershed (at this writing more than four hundred have been found), their possible connection to the huge anthropogenic landscapes of eastern Bolivia, and the early descriptions of the Purus area as rich in populations and resources could mean that the 'wild forests' of rubber, cacao, Brazil nuts, andiroba, and copaiba (trees which produce a medicinal and illumination oil) noted by many travelers and da Cunha in his reconnaissance report, were in fact feral forests,' landscape relics of large earlier native settlements, reflecting a long history of anthropogenic forests.
Leading geoglyph scientist Alceu Ranzi said that his latest discoveries - five sets of geometric shapes, with circles, squares and lines - can measure more than a mile from one extreme to another.
"It's a project that will serve the whole area in general, to avoid events such like the one last January, when rainwater accumulated and drained, covering with layers of clay the geoglyph called La Mano (The Hand)," Mario Olaechea, resident archaeologist, INC, told
Tomasz Gorka of Munich University in Germany analyzed five geoglyph complexes near the city of Palpa, focusing on the large trapezoidal structures that are etched on the plains there.
Key words: Geoghlyphs, llama caravans, prehistoric traffic, transitory campsites, geoglyph dating.
(18) From more than 10,000 geoglyphs, 300 lines clearly depict human figures and animals.
For example, how did Nazca Indians in today's Peru conjure animal geoglyphs hundreds of meters in length more than 1,500 years ago?
According to Peru's ( Ministry of Culture , "the truck left in its path deep tracks in an approximate area of 50 x 100 meters, affecting the surface of the pampa and part of three geoglyphs (straight lines)."
Photo released by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture showing the damage inflicted by a truck that illegally entered over a sector of the ancient geoglyphs of the Nazca Lines