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Noun1.geographic expedition - to travel for the purpose of discoverygeographic expedition - to travel for the purpose of discovery
expedition - a journey organized for a particular purpose
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He eventually embarked on more ambitious projects: shooting beach scenes from helicopters over Miami and Kauai, Hawaii, and joining a National Geographic expedition to Antarctica, where he juxtaposed a beach ball with hulking glaciers.
On his third time in the National Geographic expedition, he and the group photographed the streets of New York with a fresh eye.
They will also be able to join a National Geographic Expedition featuring one of the hotels.
Cancio told CubaNews the idea for the new magazine came one day when he was at Miami International Airport and overheard a group of Americans on a National Geographic expedition discussing where in Cuba to go in between their programmed events.
He spent time exploring and filming the Mariana Trench, about 200 miles southwest of the Pacific island of Guam, according to members of the National Geographic expedition.
* National Geographic expedition leader Gerry Moffatt will be talking about his adventures at a free event in Cardiff.
A map of the Arctic Circle, a description of the National Geographic Expedition Council which sponsored the expedition, and a detailed bibliography are included.
Based on Yamaha's experience and years of testing on the gruelling Paris-Dakar enduros, it is beautiful to look at and better equipped than your average National Geographic expedition.
And this September, a National Geographic expedition discovered the ruins of Neolithic settlements 300 feet under the Black Sea's no longer stormy waters, confirming Ryan and Pitman's theory about an ancient deluge that changed history and inspired the story of Noah.
A half-century later, renowned undersea explorer Robert Ballard, accompanied by American and Japanese veterans of this epic battle, led a National Geographic expedition to Guadalcanal to locate and identify the sunken vessels.
The married father of two was on a National Geographic expedition to the World War One hospital ship the Britannic, which was built in Belfast.
He was one of the key figures in the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration -- a period from 1897-1922 when there were several scientific and geographic expeditions to Antarctica.

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