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Noun1.geographical region - a demarcated area of the Earthgeographical region - a demarcated area of the Earth  
territory, soil - the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a sovereign state; "American troops were stationed on Japanese soil"
dependency, colony - a geographical area politically controlled by a distant country
semidesert - a region much like a desert but usually located between a desert and the surrounding regions
narco-state - an area that has been taken over and is controlled and corrupted by drug cartels and where law enforcement is effectively nonexistent; "this Mexican town has become a narco-state that ships 100 pounds of cocaine to the United States every day"
place, property - any area set aside for a particular purpose; "who owns this place?"; "the president was concerned about the property across from the White House"
catchment area, catchment basin, drainage area, drainage basin, river basin, watershed, basin - the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries; an area characterized by all runoff being conveyed to the same outlet; "flood control in the Missouri basin"
purlieu, environs - an outer adjacent area of any place
geographical zone, zone - any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to latitude or longitude
environs, surround, surroundings, environment - the area in which something exists or lives; "the country--the flat agricultural surround"
dust bowl - a region subject to dust storms; especially the central region of United States subject to dust storms in the 1930s
hemisphere - half of the terrestrial globe
hot spot, hotspot - a place of political unrest and potential violence; "the United States cannot police all of the world's hot spots"
panhandle - a relatively narrow strip of land projecting from some larger area; "Wheeling is located in the northern panhandle of West Virginia"
region - a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth; "penguins inhabit the polar regions"
rural area, country - an area outside of cities and towns; "his poetry celebrated the slower pace of life in the country"
sphere of influence, sphere - the geographical area in which one nation is very influential
field - a geographic region (land or sea) under which something valuable is found; "the diamond fields of South Africa"
settlement - an area where a group of families live together
populated area, urban area - a geographical area constituting a city or town
wild, wilderness - a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition; "it was a wilderness preserved for the hawks and mountaineers"
killing field - (usually plural) an area where many people have died (usually by massacre or genocide during war or violent civil disturbance)
northern Europe - the northernmost countries of Europe
French region - a geographical subdivision of France
Baltic Republic, Baltic State - European countries bordering the Baltic Sea
Colony - one of the 13 British colonies that formed the original states of the United States
Dar al-Islam, House of Islam - areas where Muslims are in the majority
Dar al-harb, House of War - areas where Muslims are in the minority and are persecuted
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trade missions; Managing networking events; Market and sector briefings/webinars both 1:1 and to groups; Organising inward visits (into the geographical region); Assistance with exhibitions; Event organising; Promotional assistance; and Setting up business in the geographical region.
Europe remained the most peaceful geographical region in the world with Greece being the region's greatest improver, jumping 22 places in the global rankings.
Nujaifi explained that a geographical regions must be established in two phases, the first is the creation of a geographical region of Nineveh province , within the administrative border , then comes the second phase of negotiations with other or neighboring provinces to affiliate and to address the relationship between them according to the Constitution.
Summary: Comstor, the dedicated value-added distribution arm for Cisco solutions of the Westcon Group, announced that it is the recipient of a Cisco Partner Summit Geographical Region award for 'Distribution Partner of the Year' for the Middle East region.
Dudley (1868-1957) was a native of Wisconsin who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and eventually established a long exhibition record while dedicated more than forty years of his professional life as a landscape painter to the promotion and preservation of the Indiana Dunes--a unique geographical region enjoying state and federal protection while providing ecologists with a unique and truly 'living laboratory' for their studies.
Divided by geographical region, the trails in California's state parks are illustrated with black-and-white maps and carefully described in terms of length, difficulty, directions, what to expect while hiking and more.
Each of the books in this series covers a different geographical region of the ancient world and is entirely based on primary source materials, such as archaeological information and artifacts, ancient text, architecture and pottery.
His self-deprecating humor, the characters he meets, such as Rustam, his young guide, and his visit with his host family, as well as his knowledge of the history and ecology of the region, turn what could have been a travelog into an insightful look into a geographical region that has been the center of historic controversy and the breeding ground for the rise of historic figures like Jenghiz Khan and Josef Stalin.
Steve managed an incredibly efficient travel office which serviced a vast geographical region," said DePaola, chief of the command's transportation and services division.
The geographical region for this contract stretches from the eastern edge of Birmingham beyond Coventry and encompassing property in Nottingham, Leicester and further south down to Milton Keynes.
The current and future market size for the harmonic filter market based on the market segments, market segments within each geographical region, and the active and passive filter market with the market segments
Figure 2-1: Scientific Games Corporation - Revenue by Geographical Region (in Million US$), 2005

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