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The hypothetical surface of the earth that coincides everywhere with mean sea level.

[German, from Greek geoeidēs, earthlike : , earth + -oeidēs, -oid.]

ge·oid′al (-oid′l) adj.
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(General Physics) relating to a geoid
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The main concept of the GNSS leveling is based on the simultaneous use of different kinds of heights: ellipsoidal heights from GNSS and geoidal/quasi geoidal heights from gravity measurements and global geopotential models to derive orthometric or normal heights as they result from spirit leveling.
Number Meaning 1 UTC of position 2 Latitude 3 * NorS 4 Longitude 5 * EorW GPS quality indicator 6 * 1: invalid 2: GPS fix 3: dGPS fix 7 Number of satellites in use 8 Horizontal dilution of position 9 Antenna altitude above/below mean sea level (geoid) 10 * Meters (antenna height unit) 11 Geoidal separation 12 * Meters (units of geoidal separation) 13 * Age in seconds since last update from differential reference station 14 * Differential reference station ID 15 * Checksum * Removed features.
Os trabalhos cartograficos que necessitam de redes de controle horizontal, geralmente se restringem a areas limitadas da superficie terrestre, pois nestes casos se verifica a regularidade do comportamento da superficie geoidal. No Brasil, as altitudes ortometricas podem ser melhoradas regionalmente de dois modos distintos: densificando-se as observacoes GPS sobre as redes de controle vertical e melhorando a distribuicao de dados gravimetricos.
WHS is defined by the adopted value of the geoidal geopotential [W.sub.0] = 62636856 [m.sup.2][s.sup.-2].
Illustrate the differences between ellipsoidal (or geodetic) heights, geoidal heights, and orthometric elevation in relation to GNSS 14.
Due to irregularities in mass distributions within the Earth, the geoidal heights undulate with respect to the reference ellipsoid.
He is also interested in geoidal and tidal modeling of sea-ice thickness using satellite data.
A partir de una serie de mediciones realizadas en 2002 con el Sistema de Posicionamiento Global (GPS) en las cimas de los picos Bolivar, Piedras Blancas, Toro y Mucunuque, asi como en otros cuatros sitios cercanos a esas montanas, todas localizadas en los Andes de Venezuela, y usando un modelo Geoidal local venezolano recientemente obtenido, fueron determinadas las alturas sobre el nivel del mar de dichos picos.
The gravity data, such as gravity anomalies, or geoidal heights, are only one source of information used in geophysical interpretations.