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Noun1.geological era - a major division of geological time; an era is usually divided into two or more periods
geologic time, geological time - the time of the physical formation and development of the earth (especially prior to human history)
eon, aeon - the longest division of geological time
geological period, period - a unit of geological time during which a system of rocks formed; "ganoid fishes swarmed during the earlier geological periods"
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Today, the human imprint is so deep and pervasive that scientists, policymakers, and society are considering whether human-caused changes are affecting the geological record over the long term -- whether we are, in fact, living in a new geological era called the Anthropocene.
That would place the remains right at the beginning of the Holocene epoch, which is the current geological era.
This new book reads as a self-help guide for a generation of (very) smart ecowarriors not sure what to make of the new geological era that scientists have christened the Anthropocene.
Our planet has entered a new geological era which environmentalist Bill McKibben has coined as the Anthropocene era.
We are the apparent purpose of existence itself to the point where we have now named a geological era 'the Anthropocene' after ourselves.
The changes were so profound, they suggested, that geologists in the future would see a clear break from the previous geological era, the Holocene, to a new one, which they called the Anthropocene.
Enter Christian SchwA[currency]gerl's The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet, in which he justifies use of the term "Anthropocene" to designate a new human geological era based on the changes we've caused and our vital role as planetary stewards.
Each of the variations is named after a different geological era.
The Anthropocene is a way of telling a story about how humanity has affected the planet so profoundly that we've punted ourselves from one geological era to another.
Some say we've entered a new geological era, the "anthropocene," in which human activity dominates changes occurring on our planet.

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