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Divination by means of lines and figures or by geographic features.

[Middle English geomancie, from Medieval Latin geōmantia, from Late Greek geōmanteia, divination by signs from the earth : Greek geō-, geo- + Greek -manteia, -mancy.]

ge′o·man′cer n.
ge′o·man′tic (-tĭk) adj.


(Alternative Belief Systems) prophecy from the pattern made when a handful of earth is cast down or dots are drawn at random and connected with lines
ˈgeoˌmancer n
ˌgeoˈmantic adj


(ˈdʒi əˌmæn si)

divination by geographic features or by figures or lines.
[1325–75; Middle English < Old French geomancie « Late Greek geōmanteía. See geo-, -mancy]
ge′o•man`cer, n.
ge`o•man′tic, adj.


a form of divination that analyzes the pattern of a handful of earth thrown down at random or dots made at random on paper. — geomancer, n.
See also: Earth
a form of divination that analyzes the pattern of a handful of earth thrown down at random or of dots made at random on paper. — geomancer, n.
See also: Divination


Divination by the earth. This can mean use of actual earth, or earth-like substances such as sand.
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Noun1.geomancy - divination by means of signs connected with the earth (as points taken at random or the arrangement of particles thrown down at random or from the configuration of a region and its relation to another)
fortune telling, soothsaying, foretelling, divination - the art or gift of prophecy (or the pretense of prophecy) by supernatural means


nGeomantie f
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These may include non-conventional and mystical fields such as geomancy (feng shui), numerology and astrology.
Aldric Dalumpines said that in Chinese geomancy, there are two new year celebrations-Dec.
This construct provides accommodations for new age practices; yoga and martial arts originating from spiritual disciplines such as kungfu, judo, and taekwando, redesigning workstations according to fengshui or geomancy, placement of deity images or crystals at workstations to invoke positive energy.
All of these experts in the occult--who sometimes play the 'animism' card (including geomancy and various forms of pre-Islamic polytheisms), sometimes the card of a certain type of Islam, and sometimes both--are regularly consulted in reaction to the suspected plots of allies and acquaintances, and, in turn, feed suspicions regarding the familial and political entourage.
There is ample evidence of women's entry and inroads into professions such as medicine, law and finance, but hardly any study has been made of women becoming successful in the business of producing and selling Chinese culture, filling niches that were either traditionally not seen as major business opportunities or else--as in the case of geomancy and patent medicine, for example (Cochran 2006, p.
David Molina and Idris Ackamoor present "Duets in the Key of DADA," Del Sol String Quartet perform the works of Mohammed Fairouz and Chinary Ung, Eliana Lopez performs "What's the Scandal," Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu present "Uncle Gunjiro's Girlfriend," Genny Lim and Marshall Trammell perform "Black Geomancy and Tantric (G)hosts: The Sound of Temple Kailasa," Hatch Performance Collective perform the site-specific "Firehouse/Waterfront," Impuritan perform with with Anna Geyer, Loachfillet, Flower Patterna and Edna Mira Raia, Inferno Theatre present "Quantum Desire," Jon Jang Quintet with Amanda Kemp present "Can't Stop Cryin' for America: Black Lives Matter
On the other hand, others are built for geomancy purposes, to seek the well-being of the residents of a village and those who use the bridge.
When Butts was introduced to the occultist celebrity Aleister Crowley in the first half of 1921 her keen preoccupation with clairvoyance, divination and geomancy, partly fostered by reading Haggard's African romances, deepened.
Confucianism seldom reached the lower classes; instead, ordinary people were inclined toward native religions including shamanism, geomancy, and fortunetelling.
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Some Singaporeans have said the case is reminiscent of the tussle between the estate of the late Nina Wang and a geomancy master, Tony Chan, who claimed to be the sole beneficiary of her $13 billion fortune after her death at 69 in 2007.
8) In terms of critical discourse, one easily finds that the criticism of fiction assimilated the same set of critical vocabulary as that originally intended for drama, poetry, painting and calligraphy, embroidery, or even garden architecture and "wind and water" geomancy.