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Divination by means of lines and figures or by geographic features.

[Middle English geomancie, from Medieval Latin geōmantia, from Late Greek geōmanteia, divination by signs from the earth : Greek geō-, geo- + Greek -manteia, -mancy.]

ge′o·man′cer n.
ge′o·man′tic (-tĭk) adj.
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(Alternative Belief Systems) prophecy from the pattern made when a handful of earth is cast down or dots are drawn at random and connected with lines
ˈgeoˌmancer n
ˌgeoˈmantic adj
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(ˈdʒi əˌmæn si)

divination by geographic features or by figures or lines.
[1325–75; Middle English < Old French geomancie « Late Greek geōmanteía. See geo-, -mancy]
ge′o•man`cer, n.
ge`o•man′tic, adj.
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a form of divination that analyzes the pattern of a handful of earth thrown down at random or dots made at random on paper. — geomancer, n.
See also: Earth
a form of divination that analyzes the pattern of a handful of earth thrown down at random or of dots made at random on paper. — geomancer, n.
See also: Divination
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Divination by the earth. This can mean use of actual earth, or earth-like substances such as sand.
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Noun1.geomancy - divination by means of signs connected with the earth (as points taken at random or the arrangement of particles thrown down at random or from the configuration of a region and its relation to another)
fortune telling, soothsaying, foretelling, divination - the art or gift of prophecy (or the pretense of prophecy) by supernatural means
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nGeomantie f
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The asset portfolio is a joint partnership between Genesis International Alliance (GSI) and Yu Tian Tang, a subsidiary company of New Trend Lifestyle Group, the world's very first publicly listed geomancy company.
Arranged along North-South axis on the basis of geomancy principles, the installation interrupts the flow of exhibit space, representing rupture and discontinuity.
In the last 10 years, as Princess mastered geomancy, she became the most trusted in the field, especially among the close-knit Chinese community, who would go to her for consultations on their home, wedding dates, career advice, stones and charms, big life decisions like starting a business and who to partner with, or small life decisions like what color to wear for the year to keep luck rolling in.
Just a few of the subjects covered are Geomancy, Vibration and Sound, Earth Energies, Radiesthesia, Psychic Development, Plant, Map and Water Dowsing, Sacred Geometry, and many Wellness modalities.
Bakunawa, the serpent with a crown, was the one to be placated if one needed to work on geomancy, the magic of the Earth.
Are all Chinese superstitious and believers in feng shui or geomancy? In the fascinating myths of east Asia, the Pig was the last of the 12 animals to arrive when the Jade Emperor (other versions say Buddha) called for the great meeting.
He moved out of the realm of pure science and "resurrected all manner of antique pseudo-sciences, alchemy, geomancy and the empirical investigation of those essences the ancient Chinese claimed created phenomena through an interplay of elemental aspects of maleness and femaleness" (Hoffman 97).
Synopsis: Feng Shui (also known as geomancy) is a philosophical and metaphysical concept which originated in ancient China and seeks to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.
We know that the Ewe-Fon of the Benin littoral have Fa, a system of geomancy that is accepted as cognate with the Yoruba Ifa.
Almost fifty percent of the collection was devoted to poetry and adab, while the remaining books were divided among medicine (5%), political thought (2.5%), and astronomy (1%), with a few examples of other subjects, such as falconry, geography, warfare, agriculture, geomancy, and chess.
As Carol Matthews so clearly demonstrates, by way of dreams, geomancy, or other means the Lovecraft quester discovers that universe is more deeply frightening than anything he could possibly have imagined.