Conceived or rendered in terms of geometric patterns or figures.
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With a geometricized Bohemian look in durable powder-coated steel, the Betty stacking chair by Bend Goods is at home both indoors and outdoors.
The Turkmen folk embroidery usually consists of a small-figured multi-banded geometricized art.
Wright did not turn his back on these; he geometricized and abstracted ornamentation derived from natural motifs, (47) and his reworking of the modular system proved influential to Modern architecture.
Countering Rosalind Krauss's famous definition of the grid's properties (for her, they are "flattened, geometricized, ordered .
I showed reproductions of Marcel DuChamp's Nude Descending a Staircase (1912) and how he geometricized the human figure, alluding to the geometry and, yes, the mechanics and functions of the body.
Narrative passages are not only the locus of geometricized abstraction that contrasts with the messy meanders of abortive phrastic units.
A few early-20th-century puppeteers had made quasi-cubist or geometricized puppets, but "you could still see--that's the girl, that's the boy.
Working with a large and significant group of artists, Iakulov transformed the interior into a multimedia street carnival--the stage was covered with a cupola decorated with geometricized, dancing figures representing theatrical characters--Pierrot, Harlequin, and so on--made out of cardboard and plywood, and surely evocative of the dancing puppets on top of the raek.
His hard-edged, geometricized abstraction nominates him for proto-Deco, and the vibrancy of his textile designs argues for making him a precursor of the sixties' Op Art.
The two designs, Odessa and Murmansk show flowers and leaves with stepped outlines, giving them a geometricized look, similar to 19th century Russian woven carpets.
6) Although idealistic plans for the rebuilding of London immediately after the Fire included the beautiful baroque, geometricized visions of John Evelyn and Christopher Wren, among others, the City in fact rebuilt almost precisely along its old tangled medieval lines; the baroque squares and piazzas envisioned by Inigo Jones in the early seventeenth century were displaced from the city's center into its wealthier western suburbs.
One example: Nerlich claims that in General Relativity Theory gravitational forces are completely geometricized in the sense that the trajectory of a massive body in a gravitational field is described as that of a "force-free body" (p.