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Noun1.geometry teacher - someone who teaches geometrygeometry teacher - someone who teaches geometry  
math teacher, mathematics teacher - someone who teaches mathematics
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This was when his geometry teacher Amy Krusemark, who had a history of foster parenting, stepped in and decided to take him in.
A former student of the South Dade Senior High School, Florida, has won nearly $49.3 million judgment against her geometry teacher who raped her and also sent her lewd messages in 2014.
Instead, the 12 with all its odd angles and slants looks like it's trying to go in seven directions at the same time, as if it was designed by a geometry teacher on LSD.
Bennett, his geometry teacher, inspired him to academic excellence.
During my sophomore year of high school, my geometry teacher pulled me aside and told me that it was apparent I was not catching on to geometry concepts and there was a possibility that I could fail the class.
Geometry Teacher, I refuse to take any tests because according to I Kings 7:23, pi is equal to 3, but you claim in an unbiblical fashion that is it an infinite number starting with 3.1415.
GINGRICH'S reasons for dumping first wife Jackie - his geometry teacher who he secretly dated through high school and married at 19 - were simple.
Gingrich transferred to Emory after his freshman year to shack up with his former high school geometry teacher, Jackie Battley.
In fact, I remember calling my high school geometry teacher to get the formula for measuring the area of an ellipse!
The ready-to-use, reproducible activities are an excellent supplement to any geometry teacher's course work, making "Hands-On Geometry" highly recommended for grade school mathematics classrooms everywhere.
Zak Avery said: "There are few people taking the approach that Alastair does and although his writing is suffused with more tangents than a geometry teacher's exam paper, he never loses sight of what he is writing about."