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A perennial plant, such as a crocus or tulip, that resprouts by means of buds on underground bulbs, tubers, or corms.
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(Botany) a perennial plant that propagates by means of buds below the soil surface
geophytic adj
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(ˈdʒi əˌfaɪt)

a plant propagated by means of underground buds.
ge`o•phyt′ic (-ˈfɪt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.geophyte - a perennial plant that propagates by underground bulbs or tubers or corms
tracheophyte, vascular plant - green plant having a vascular system: ferns, gymnosperms, angiosperms
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Life-form: CAM - chamephyte; EPF - epiphyte; FAN - phanerophyte; GEO - geophyte; HEM - hemicryptophyte; HEP - hemiepiphyte; TER - terophyte.
Du cote negatif s'installent les taxons le plus contributifs, de nature biologique variees: geophyte (Arisarum vulgare -1.69), hemicryptophyte (Sedum acre -1.54) associes aux therophytes (Aegilops triuncialis -2.04, Trifolium stellatum -1.69) indiquant ainsi un gradient croissant pre-foret allant du cote positif au cote negatif.
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purple netsedge is a geophyte, the corms of which are formed 2 - 8 cm deep in the soil.
Geo: geophyte; Hc: hemicryptophyte; He: hemiepiphyte; Ep: epiphyte; Cha: chamaephyte; Pha: phanerophyte; Rhi: rhizomatous; Rep: repent; Esc: Scandent; Ros: rosulate; Ter: terrestrial; Rup: rupicola; HCor: hemicorticicolous; Cor: corticicolous; Cap: fibrous adventitious root mantle.
More than 500 geophyte species grow naturally in Turkey and the bulbs of the majority of these are exported.
Narcissus alcaracensis Rios, Rivera, Alcaraz and Obon is a bulbous geophyte, 30-50 cm in height during flowering, with two 15-45 x 0.6-1.1-cm leaves, and flowering stems with one (sometimes 2-3) flowers at the apex.
In the monocots, a clade of geophyte genera in the Asparagaceae, the Milla clade, grows in Mega-Mexico (Gandara et al., 2009) and a group in the Crassulaceae, the Acre clade includes several genera exclusive to Mexico (Acevedo-Rosas et al., 2004; Carrillo-Reyes et al., 2010).
Florogenesis of the Mediterranean geophyte Narcissus tazetta and temperature requirements for flower initiation and differentiation.
As a geophyte it has a slow growth and exclusively vegetative propagation, forming only 3-4 cormlets each season (Fernandez, 2004).