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1. The lithosphere.
2. The lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, considered as a single system.
3. Any of the layers of the earth.

ge′o·spher′ic adj.


(Geological Science) another name for lithosphere
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Noun1.geosphere - the solid part of the earth consisting of the crust and outer mantlegeosphere - the solid part of the earth consisting of the crust and outer mantle
layer - a relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another
crust, Earth's crust - the outer layer of the Earth
earth, globe, world - the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on; "the Earth moves around the sun"; "he sailed around the world"
mantle - the layer of the earth between the crust and the core
Earth's surface, surface - the outermost level of the land or sea; "earthquakes originate far below the surface"; "three quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by water"
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The role of organic matter in the geosphere is difficult to access isotopically as it results from a complex mixture of source organisms, biosynthetic pathways, and diagenetic transformations.
The giveaway is the nearby Grand Wash Cliffs, researchers from Arizona State University report online June 10 in Geosphere.
At the largest scale, these include the atmosphere (vapor), cryosphere (snow and ice), hydrosphere (oceans and freshwater), geosphere (soil and rocks), and biosphere (living things).
Schlumberger , GeoSphere Reservoir Mapping-While-Drilling Service
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin noted that, as the molten Earth solidified, it formed a geosphere.
2] out of the atmosphere by returning emissions below several layers of rock into the geosphere.
Its innumerable plants, animals and microbes physically and chemically unite the atmosphere (the mixture of gases around the Earth), geosphere (the solid part of the Earth), and hydrosphere (the Earth's water, ice and water vapour) into one environmental system which makes it possible for millions of species, including people, to exist.
Schlumberger opens service ABU DHABI: Leading oilfield services company Schlumberger has launched the GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service.
His arrangement is by the five spheres of the environment: the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the geosphere, the biosphere, and the anthrosphere or built environment.
The researchers are members of the "2K Network" of the International Geosphere Biosphere Program (IGBP) Past Global Changes (PAGES) project.
At the end of the day, investors are not buying gross domestic product growth, they're buying earnings growth and there are no meaningful legs in the earnings story," Arvind Sanger, managing partner at Geosphere Capital Management, told Bloomberg TV India yesterday.
The intention of such disposal is to provide sufficient isolation from human activities and natural processes, such, that the transportation of radioactive nuclides in the geosphere will be a very slow process and their eventual release to the biosphere will be in such low concentrations that they do not pose a hazard to human health and the natural environment.

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